Experience natural hot spring at Inunakisan

Experience Japanese hot spring at Inunakisan which is the only hot spring village in Osaka.
Enjoy Kaisekiryori or traditional Japanese cuisine at a Japanese inn.
Experience Japanese culture such as Origami, Karuta, Watercolor painting, Calligraphy and others.

Itinerary  Izumisano station (Nankai Railway); Hineno Station  (JR)  →   take a hotel bus   →   Inunakisan  →   Japanese inn   →  Bathe in hot spring  →  Enjoy Kaisekiryori (Traditional Japanese cuisine)   →   Experience Japanese culture   →  take a hotel bus   → Hineno Station  (JR)   → Izumisano station (Nankai Railway)
Meeting Point Izumisano station  (Nankai Railway) 10:30 pick up;   Hineno Station  (JR)  10:45 pick up
Guide fee ¥12,000/group
Tour duration approximately 4 hours
Minimum Guest Count 2 persons (Max. 6 persons),  Reservations are needed.
Ending Point Hotel Departure 14:30 →  (Hineno Station  (JR)  →  Izumisano Station (Nankai Railway))
Note Public bath (no private baths)

The price of cuisine : ¥6,000 (incl. tax, for from Mon to Sat),  ¥8,000 (incl. tax, for Sun & Holiday)
A guide will accompany you to and from the station and explain the surrounding areas or nearby region.

Pleasee pay for your guide’s admission fee and transportation fare.

Reservations are needed.

Guide fee will be charged for a guiding service in available language for a group of 2-6 people during a tour.
If the size of the group is larger than the above, the tour will be accompanied by an extra guide (Additional guide fee will be required in that case).
The normal adult’s fee will be required for children of 3 years of age or older. Children under 3 years of age will be free of charge.
Tour fees do not include public transportation fare, admission fee, experience fee, and food expenses.
*There will be an additional fee for your guide's transportation fare, if the tour includes travel by public transportation.
Please note that we will not bear any responsibility or liability for any accidents or injuries during the tour. For those who need an insurance during the tour, please apply for it at your own responsibility.