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This website is operated by Izumisano Guide Association (IGA).
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1. Personal information

IGA fairly deals with private information acooding to the policy of protection of personal information.

2. Copyright

The copyright of the contents of this website (picture, text, design, etc) belongs to IGA or an imparial observer who has legitimate right.
Please refrain from using the contents the contents of this website without getting approval of IGA in advance.

3. Link

For making a link from this website or a website of third party which makes a link to this website, each party should manage it. IGA does not operate and is not responsible for it.
Regarding using condition and reccomended circumstances, customers should use on their responsibility accooding to each website. IGA will not be responsible for damages caused by information put on this website.

4. Exemption from responsibility

This website is made on the basis of information which seems to be reliable, but the accuracy and certainty is not guarantied because of a secular change.
In case that customer is damaged by information put on this website, IGA will not be responsible for it.

5. Recommended circumstance

This website is made using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript(Jquery), SVG and external open souces.

【Reccomended OS】
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【Reccomended Browser】
MicrosoftEdge / GoogleChrome / MozillaFirefox : each should be latest version

SSL is a de fact standard transmission and reception method of encoded information on the internet.
SSL is installed on this website. Information which is input by customers is protected from intersection.

6. Change of using conditions

Site Policy and usimg conditions may be changed without notice.