We welcome your inquiries.
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What is special about Izumisano?
Izumisano lies halfway between Osaka city and Wakayama city and is blessed with beautiful mountains, rivers, and rich natural environment. Izumisano is also a gateway to Japan as home to northern portion of Kansai International Airport.
Are there any other places you recommend us to visit in Izumisano besides places you take us in your tour?
There are many other places we would like to take you.
Aritoshi-shrine is one of them and you may find popular local folklores and tales concerning Aritoshi-shrine in traditional Japanese poetry, essay, and Noh singing.
Izumisano is proud of many other attractive sightseeing spots such as the residence of Arai which is a traditional Japanese-style wooden house with the splendid view of beautiful Japanese garden on the large premises.
It is also registered as a national tangible cultural property.
Former residence of Mukai family is a typical farmer’s residence which remains today and features traditional architectural style of Sennan area in Edo period.
The floor plan of the residence is very unique and common for farmhouses in those days.
Is is registered as a cultural property by Izumisano city.
What is the major benefit in asking for a guide.
We are experts in local legend, popular spots, and must-eat local specialties.
You can enjoy Izumisano ten times more than traveling alone.
There will be a good chance of meeting locals with a guide!!
Is it possible to ask for a guide in areas outside of Izumisano city?
Yes. Though we are qualified as designated zone guides for Izumisano city,
we can guide you in areas other than Izumisano city.
Can I cancel the tour on the day I am scheduled to attend.
Please let us know as much as possible by the night before.
My native language is not Japanese.
For my further study, I would like to ask for guiding in Japanese as well as my native language.
Yes. It is possible.
There is a place I can not visit in the planned tour course due to religious reason.
Please do not hesitate to ask us.
We consider arranging a partial course change for you.
Will the tour be carried out on schedule even in bad weather?
In the event of typhoon or when emergency alarm issued, for the safety of customers, we might call off the tour.
We will decide whether to go or stay depending on the situation, and let you know beforehand.
Does the tour fee include transportation fare and experience fee?
No. The price listed on the page is only for guide fee.
The tour fee does not include public transportation fare, admission fee, experience fee, and food expenses.
On each spot, each time, you will be asked to pay for them.
NOTE: We may need to ask you to pay for guide's transportation fare or admission fee, when necessary.
What happens after application for the tour?
How do I confirm the application?
After we confirm your application, we send you an e-mail for confirmation, and let you know meeting place, meeting time, and tour details on that day.
For further inquiries, please e-mail us:info@guide-izumisano.jp
Are there any other recommended spots to visit around Izumisano city?
Yes. We can introduce you some other popular spots around Izumisano city such as Sunday morning market of Tajiri fishing port, Daisen Kofun Mausoleum which is Japan's largest scale, Kishiwada Danjiri Museum, and etc.
Though we are qualified as designated zone guides for Izumisano city, we can guide you in areas other than Izumisano city.