The Izumisano Area Guide Association (hereinafter called “the Association”) is committed to ensuring your privacy and personal information obtained by the Association is protected.
All customers browsing this site are deemed to have agreed to the following privacy policy. Minors need to obtain the consent of their guardian prior to using this site.

1. Information Obtained and Use

The Association obtains and uses customer’s personal information solely for the purposes specified below. Customer’s supplied personal information will not be used beyond the scope of these purposes:
・To contact customers who applied for tours
・To arrange customer services for tours
・To provide better service in the future
( We might ask customers to fill out a questionnaire about our service and contents of the tour. )
・To ensure timely responses to customers' safety in an emergency situation
・To provide other services and/or information

2. Disclosure of Personal Information to a Third Party

The Association will not disclose collected personal information to a third party, unless such disclosure is required by legal provisions or judicial proceedings. However, personal information may be provided to a third party when the permission of the individual who gave the information has been obtained.

3. Your Information Provided is Voluntary

It is entirely your discretion whether or not to submit your personal information to the Association. Please note, however, that some services may not be provided if no entry is made to any item marked “essential.”

4. Miscellaneous

The Association website includes links to external sites. The Association is not responsible for the privacy policy or content of those sites. Rights on such documents and photos that are posted on this website are the property of this Association in principle. The Association does not allow unauthorized use of all rights reserved, such as documents, photographs of this site.

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