About Izumisano Area Guide Association

Many of our guide members are from Izumisano and have completed a special training course prepared by Izumisano City.
Our guides are qualified in recommending interesting places which showcase the rich local history, culture, and industry of Izumisano City.
The Izumisano Area Guide Association was founded in March 2014. Our aim is to provide you with the best possible experience while exploring Izumisano.
With a deep love for Izumisano, our guides are ready to serve as ambassadors on your journey through the wonders of Izumisano.
Guides are available in English, Chinese, and Korean. Japanese language is also available.
We look forward to seeing you in Izumisano where the past is always present!

Those who wish to join our association are, of course, welcome to do so.
All you need is a National or Regional government Licensed Guide Interpreter Certificate in English, Chinese, or Korean, and it is even better if you have experience as a guide. We look forward to working with you !!

How to access to Izumisano

Message from the president


Our association was established by guide interpreters approved by Izumisano city in the area of Rinku Town and Izumisano city in 2014. From the beginning, nationwide guide interpreters also joined us, which opens the door to do guide business in wider areas. We have extended the activity area year by year.

There are Mt. Inunaki which boasts rich green and a seminatural area, Inunakisan hot spring celebrated as a hot spring of beauty.

An abundant sea food and a landscape of Osaka Bay, fishing port prospering from olden times, there is Kansai International Airport beyond the sea. Not so far from the airport, there is a rich nature, a producing centre of vegetables which is a local specialty.

Pleas call us for where to go, what experience to take!

We help you enjoy yourself with lavish hospitality.

Come to Izumisano and Senshu area when you visit Kansai International Airport.

May your trip be premium experience!

Izumisano is a gateway city which connects Japan and the world. It has beautiful mountains, natural environment surrounded by green trees, and Kansai international airport.

Izumisano Area Guide Association
Tourist Information Center, Izumisano Machidokoro,
8-12, 3-Chome Uemachi, Izumisano City, Osaka 598-0007, Japan
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FAX +81-72-469-6300
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