One of the most popular Goma-dofu shops is “Hamadaya”.

Goma-dofu is a cake made with ground sesami seeds and a unique Japanese root vegetable starch “kuzu”.

It is one of the local specialities of Koyasan and it is very popular among tourists.

Koyasan goma-dofu is characterized by its beautiful white color. Because chefs carefully remove the skin of the sesami seeds to make a pure white , bitter-free goma-dofu.

Buddhism prohibits killing any animals, so monks eat only vegetables and grains without meat and fish.

Goma-dofu is also an important source of protein for monks. Chefs and monks are always dedicated to making delicious goma-dofu.

One of the most popular shops is “Hamadaya”. The ingredients are really simple. Sesami seeds,Yoshino-kuzu (vegetable starch ) and spring water from the mountain behind the shop. This holy spring water may be the secret of this shop’s popularity !

Goma-dofu is usually served with wasabi (Japanese horseradish ) and soy source.

You can also buy  “wasambon” (Japanese sugar) at the store. It is also recommended that you eat goma-dofu with this sugar. Enjoy this goma-dofu as a dessert as well.