Traveling at small towns in each country is my hobby. And finding how they live is a lot of fun for me.
Izumisano City located at the entrance of West Japan by airplane is a small town, and not a big city which has distinguished structures like pictures you can see in a guidebook. But it has many historical and traditional appeal points, such as old nostalgic town, landscape of medieval manor site, hot springs and even ascetic place by waterfall ablution deep in mountains. Or how about having experiences of Japanese culture, such as making a miniature size tatami mat, dyeing handkerchief and others, with local resident. We would like to show you around our Izumisano City.
Why don’t you stay in our town, on arriving at Kansai Int’l Airport, or before leaving Japan from Kansai Int’l Airport? I ‘m sure we can make your trip enrich, and it will remain in your memory.
We are looking forward to seeing you at Izumisano!