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 Machiya / Old traditional houses

Izumisano Furusato Machiyakan
(Former residence of the Niigawa family)
This building is a former residence of the Niigawa family who operated a soy sauce manufacturing business during Edo period.
You can get a sense of how people lived in that era, and see examples of the traditional architectural style of homes in this region.
The residence of Arai
(Izumisano tourist association site)
The residence of Arai is a traditional Japanese-style wooden house with the splendid view of beautiful Japanese garden in the large site.
It is also registered as a national tangible cultural property.
Former residence of Mukai family
(Izumisano tourist association site)
Former residence of Mukai family is a typical thatched farmer’s house which remains today and features traditional architectural style of Sennan area in Edo period. Is is registered as a cultural property by Izumisano city.
The residence of Oku
(Izumisano tourist association site)
It is a residential house built along the Kumano pilgrimage road around 1600. The house is the oldest farmer’s residence with unique architectural style in Sensyu area. The main house (except the inner room), Nagaya-mon Gate, the storehouse, and the earthen wall of the residence have been designated as an important cultural property of Japan.
Lake ulster plaza Kawasaki
Izumisano History Museum

(Izumisano tourist association site)
Materials of regional history and folklore, works of local-born painters, and a collection of valuable materials relating to the manor as the main theme of the museum are exhibited.

 Tourist Information

Izumisano tourist association You can visit the website and look for information about tourist facilities and events of the city.
Sightseeing exchange plaza "Rinku Town place
(Rinku Machidokoro)"

(Izumisano tourist association site)
Friendly staff will give you a warm welcome !
You can get tourist information there and purchase local specialties as well.
Rinku Town place is located in front of the wicket of Rinku Town Station.
It also cooperates with "Kansai International Airport Town place".
Rinku Premium Outlet Six-minute walk from Rinku Town Station will take you to the large outlet center where over 200 stores of famous luxury brands gather.
Visit there to find your favorite fashion ♪
Kansai International Airport This airport is a gateway to Kansai(western) regions of Japan.
While watching takeoffs and landings of airplanes from the observatory, imagine what the world far beyond of the sky would be like.
Izumisano Fishermen’s Union Market Place
(Izumisano tourist association site)
A great variety of fresh fish unloaded at the Izumisano fishing port are sold.
If you are lucky, you may be able to see an auction around 2:30 pm.
You can eat freshly caught fish and barbecue at restaurants on the second floor. You can also ask them to cook fish you have just bought.
RizuMie Kotarina
(Izumisano tourist association site)
RizuMie Kotarina is a farmer's market opened in April, 2004 to enhance the communication with local residents or consumers.
Fresh vegetables and processed agricultural products based on local industries are sold.
Aritooshi Shrine A local deity is enshrined in Aritooshi shrine which is located in Nagataki area, Izumisano city. Original precincts were along the Kumano Road (Kisyu Road). The shrine is well known for many story lore such as a story of Ki no Tsurayuki, and an essay of Sei Shonagon.
The origin of the name of the shrine is written in her essay,“The Pillow Book”. Main deity of the shrine is Okuninushi or Aritooshi Myojin known as the god of land development, rich harvest, wisdom, and filial piety.
Aritooshi shrine has been a place of worship for shrine parishioners until the present.

 Nearby Stores

Ishihara Kimono Shop The store is a traditional Japanese clothing shop founded in 1947.
Visit them to appreciate Japanese classic beautiful clothing (Kimono).
Kajino Tatami Shop Kajino Tatami Shop was founded in 1919 and has cherished ancestor's craftsmanship from generation to generation.
Tatami is Japanese traditional built-in floor mat essential to people’s daily lives and culture.
Enjoy relaxing atmosphere and comfortable space that tatami provides you.
Kitashoji Sake Brewery store Kitashoji Sake Brewery store is the only sake brewery in the city.
Enjoy sake brewed with traditional Nambu sake brewer’s techniques which are methods for producing light taste sake with deep flavors.
You can take a tour of the brewery and join events held in the brewery as well.


Izumisano City Visit the website of Izumisano City.