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英語 Anne


Traveling at small towns in each country is my hobby. And finding how they live is a lot of fun for me.
Izumisano City located at the entrance of West Japan by airplane is a small town, and not a big city which has distinguished structures like pictures you can see in a guidebook. But it has many historical and traditional appeal points, such as old nostalgic town, landscape of medieval manor site, hot springs and even ascetic place by waterfall ablution deep in mountains. Or how about having experiences of Japanese culture, such as making a miniature size tatami mat, dyeing handkerchief and others, with local resident. We would like to show you around our Izumisano City.
Why don’t you stay in our town, on arriving at Kansai Int’l Airport, or before leaving Japan from Kansai Int’l Airport? I ‘m sure we can make your trip enrich, and it will remain in your memory.
We are looking forward to seeing you at Izumisano!

英語 Masami


Before leaving Japan, why don't you making one more wonderful memory in Izumisano?
Hi, I'm Masami. My hometown is in Hyogo prefecture located right next to Osaka, and I love Izumisano city.
Why? Because there are many attractions like Mt. Inunaki and beaches like Osaka bay, old and historical city like Hineno area,modern landscape like KIX airport, and also fresh seafoods and vegetables.
I especially recommend you to visit Mt. Inunaki. I'm sure that you can enjoy spiritual atomosphere and experience, and relax in the hot springs.
I'm a good jogger and also an calligrapher. I'll show you around Izumisano by walking, jogging and cycling if you like. And we may have special time to do Japanese cultural things together.
And what's more, I have a son with a food allergy, so I can help you with that. Let me know if you have a points of attention.
Now I'm very excited about helping you out with making your trip more memorable. I'm looking forward to your contact!

英語 Kazu


Hello, I’m kazu.
I have guided foreigners such as European, American, Malaysian and Filipino to Kyoto, Osaka and Nara until now. I would like to show you Izumisano city as an area guide in Izumisano with my guide experience. Unlike the regular tour spots, Izumisano is the city in which foreign visitors can feel not only places of historic interest and scenic beauty but also common daily life of people directly.
Many foreign tourists I entertained often ask for me to take them to the real Japanese life spots which are not written in the tour guide book. I believe Izumisano satisfy such demand. If you want the same demand, I ‘m sure my guide skill is useful to carry out your wishing. I’m looking forward to seeing you at Izumisano.

英語 Kaeko Katsuya


My favorite place is Mt.Inunaki where people from olden times have been respecting great nature of the mountain. It is the place where ascetic monks have been training themselves and got supernatural powers. Visitors could experience almost the same training as standing under the waterfalls. All throughout the year, visitors can enjoy trekking along nature’s ravine and relax in the hot springs. All these can make you feel comfortable and rejuvenated. This is what I love about Mt.Inunaki. Why don’t you come and experience it yourself!!



Hello, I’m Masako from Kishiwada, not far from Kansai Airport. I’ve spent most of my life here. I majored in English at university in Kobe and also I’ve studied in America. In my previous job I worked with many foreign instructors and visited clients all around the Kansai area.
I like travelling, and have been to Spain, Italy, Australia, and Namibia. I really enjoyed their beautiful landscapes, unique cultures, tasty food and drink, and meeting people there.
Through my job and personal experiences, I hope to have opportunities to show visitors around Japan, especially southern Osaka. I can help you to have a lot of fun while you’re here!

英語Toru Kotake


I have spent so many years in overseas. During my stay overseas, I have been so warmly treated here and there wherever I have lived.
In the meantime, I have been looking for the opportunity to reciprocate such kind receptions I have enjoyed through my overseas life by one way or another. Fortunately, I come to know Izumisano Area Guide Association where I can serve foreign visitors as a tourist guide.
I would like to help foreign tourists by guiding tours in Kansai area and, at the same time, keep them informed of Japanese traditional culture.

英語 Gen


Maido! (What’s up?) It’s Gen.
Welcome to Izumisano where traditional daily lives reminds you some good old days this country, on the other hand the most advanced medical care-center and profitable shopping entertainment are here.
For short trip or residential long, there would be several styles to enjoy it as you like, in Izumisano city; suburban Osaka.
We’re ready to present you a variety of plans, also looking forward to share the wonderful moments or joyful experiences with you.
Thank you.

favorite : walking, listening classic music, watching sports games on TV
hobby : chorus, taking photos, shore side fishing

英語 Masa Tamura


Hello! My name is Masa Tamura. Please call me “Masa”.
I am interested in traditional Japanese culture and like to visit unknown cities or villages. Discovering lives of local people, local specialties, onsen is my pleasure.
One of my hobbies is to make breads at home. Do you know Japan is a unique country where variety of breads from all over the country can be eaten!
I also practice Aikido.
I want to help visitors from over seas to understand traditional Japanese culture.
Izumisano is the most aggressive and exiting city.
Let’s enjoy finding what you do not know about Japan!

英語 Yas


This is Yas who is enjoying pension life. During my business life, I had a good opportunity working in the United States for 6 years. I've got many foreign friends and I am interested in work related to international exchange.
I would be pleased if we could find the "splendor of Japan" that I've not noticed yet with the help of your fresh eyes. Currently I am also studying Chinese / Spanish.
See you soon!
¡Te veo pronto!

英語 Eiko Wakabayashi


Hello, my name is Eiko. 
I have been a Freelance Tour Guide since 1997 .
During that time I have visited over 60 countries .
I am very keen to offer my services as a Tour Guide to show Tourists how beautiful Izumisano city is and to explore the cultural aspects that abound locally.
There are many wonderful sights that I would like to share with my visitors and I can recommend many good Restaurants be they would enjoy be they either good value family restaurants or something for that special occasion.
I am very proud of Izumisano city and it would be an honour to show visitors the very best that we have to offer.

Some of our best guides!