C.Appreciate a national treasure and observe traditional Japanese craftsmanship at a tatami shop

C.Appreciate a national treasure and observe traditional Japanese craftsmanship at a tatami shop

 〰 Highlights of the tour 〰
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< Jigen-in Tahoutou 〰 two storied pagoda (national treasure) >
This magnificent pagoda is a national treasure, and is surrounded by a beautiful moss-covered landscape!
< Jigen-in temple Yu-River >
How long has the land been irrigated and enriched?
The Yukawa (Yu River) has always been a vital resource to the people of this area.
< Hine Shrine >
Visit Hine Shrine.
Let' s pray for good luck and safe travels!
Learn how to properly worship at a Japanese shrine.
< Kajino Tatami Shop >
Visit the Kajino Tatami Shop!
Tatami is a Japanese traditional built-in floor mat made with a woven grass, called Igusa.
The scent of Igusa is relaxing and is said to help with concentration.
< Kajino Tatami Shop >
Create your own small tatami mat!
You can display something special on it to decorate your room.
Observe traditional Japanese craftsmanship handed down through many generations.
< Kajino Tatami Shop >
The Kajino Tatami Shop was founded in 1919. Four generations later, the Kajino family still cherish their ancestor' s skilled trade.Their motto is “do not compromise.”

Enjoy their warm hospitality while surrounded by the scent of Igusa.
< Kajino Tatami Shop >
Bring your tatami home along with many special memories!

Itinerary Hineno station ( JR ) → Jigenin Tahoutou ( national treasure ) → Hine Shrine → Kajino Tatami shop → Hineno station ( JR )
Tour duration approximately 3 hours
Walking distance approximately 4.7 km (round trip)
*Public bus is also available.
Meeting Point Hineno station ( JR )
Minimum guest count 1 person
Maximum guest count 10 persons
Guide fee 8,000 yen (per group) (for a group of 2〜6 persons)
(The normal adult’s fee will be required for children of 3 years of age or older. Children under 3 years of age will be free of charge.)
  • Admission fee to pagoda, experience fee at Kajino Tatami Shop and transportation fare are not included. (*No child discount available)
  • You will be responsible for an additional fee for your guide's admission fee to pagoda and transportation fare, if the tour includes travel by public transportation.

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