A.In Search of Legends ≈Take a stroll through the labyrinth-like Old Town≈

A.In Search of Legends
≈Take a stroll through the labyrinth-like Old Town≈

 〰 Highlights of the tour 〰
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< Sano Machiba >
Once you step into the streets of Izumisano, or the Sano Machiba as we call it, you will feel as if you were riding on a time-machine back to ancient Japan.
< Sano Machiba >
Old and historic buildings still remain around our town.
< Public Bath Daishogun-yu >
You will also find a public bath with a history dating back about 100 years.
< Iroha-gura Old Storehouses >
You can still feel the presence of legendary millionaires or successful merchants who once lived here.
Sano Machiba used to be a playground for them.
< Chikara-ishi  〰 Lifting stone 〰 >
Millionaires made a fortune in merchant ship business based in Izumisano.
While waiting for ships, shipping workers often competed their strength by lifting heavy stones to decide who was the strongest.
< Izumisano Furusato Machiyakan >
This tour will also take you to the Izumisano Furusato Machiyakan. (former residence of the Niigawa family who operated a soy sauce manufacturing business during Edo period.)
This building has been designated an Important Cultural Property by the city of Izumisano. You can get a sense of how people lived over 240 years ago, and see examples of the traditional architectural style of homes in this region.
< Cultural Experience >
Upon your request, we can offer you an authentic Japanese cultural experience at the Furusato Machiyakan!
  • Learn the art of a traditional tea ceremony
  • Learn how to play a traditional Japanese musical instrument
  • Learn Japanese calligraphy
  • Learn how to make a postcard or a folding fan with pictures you draw:A family of three from Taiwan tried this, they were very pleased with their first experience of Japanese culture.
  • Note: You will need additional fee for cultural experience.
    < Landscape with shrines and temples >
    Shrines and Temples blend in with community’s normal routine.

    Itinerary Izumisano station (Nankai Electric Railway) → Sano Machiba old town stroll  → Izumisano Furusato Machiyakan ( Japanese cultural experience ) → Sano Machiba old town stroll → Izumisano station (Nankai Electric Railway)
    Tour duration approximately 3 hours
    Walking distance approximately 2.5 km (round trip)
    Meeting Point Izumisano station (Nankai Electric Railway)
    Minimum guest count 2 persons
    Guide fee 2,000 yen (per person) (5 or more persons: 1,500 yen per person)
    (children from 6 to 12 years of age half price / children of 5 years and under are not charged)
    • Entrance fee to Furusato Machiyakan (200 yen per person·100 yen per student) and cultural experience fee are not included. (Experience fee depends on the content of the experience, please contact us.)

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